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Temporary hiatus

I feel bad having to do this regarding my story so early and suddenly, but due to University course work piling up I will be taking a temporary leave of absence on the story while I finish.
I am still going to be checking the wiki regularly, and regularly on chat on several wiki's, however do not be surprised if I am typically AFK due to my schedule and homework.
Once again, I apologize. I suggest no more than a month's time and we'll be back towards November in full swing. If any earlier, I'll update.
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You wake up, groggy. The sun is beginning its ascent, making the sky an ever-lightening shade of dark blue. You're in the middle of Clooney, Nevada, a small town in the middle of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. You look around, peeking in and out of houses and stores; the only people here are as confused and scared as you are. It is September 1986, even though you are not from this time period.
Any attempt to leave the town limits results in a loss of consciousness and subsequent awakening - back in the center of town. You can't leave. Worst yet, there is a presence - some kind of unseen monster - stalking you. 
I don't like making character sheets that much, so I'll let you run free with it. However, there are some things I require.
- Name
- Age 
- Physical appearance 
- Psychological profile
Other than that, go in whatever direction you desire. I'll be accepting a limited number of proxies, note the keywords limited number, because I don't want a bunch of knife-wielding fanboys/girls running around talking about how they want to kill people and serve their master.
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