________ AppearanceEdit

Height: 5'7 (170.18 cm)

Weight: 119 lbs (53.9775 kg)

Race: Unknown

Hair: Jet Black. Long. Reaches just above the waist

Skin Tone: Pale silver

Eye Color: Black with a gray line in his iris. Sclera is also a light shade of gray

Build: Slender. Somewhat broad shoulders

Regular clothing: White lab coat. White pants. White tennis shoes with no insignia. White gloves with a spare pair in the pocket of the lab coat. White dress shirt with no buttons or collar.

Distinct Features: Lacks any visible definition to his body. Fingers are devoid of knuckle wrinkles and fingernails. There are no fingerprints. Feet lack any form of toenails. Body lacks any excretory function and sexual characteristics. Torso lacks nipples. Muscle tone and skeletal mass do not show on skin. Body also lacks any hair save for the hair produced on the head. Nose is pointed and contains a third slit on the front. Eyes have a thick black ring around the skin surrounding the eye. Damage to skin heals with no scars. Skin does not show bruises, burns, or any form of splotch. Body can be described as "Similar to a pale gray manikin with a face".

Research DivisionEdit

Research DivisionEdit

Portals, teleportation, and Portastruct Weaponry, although he faked this for the sake of money for his real experimentation, demonic summoning and experimentation with humans.










________ PersonalityEdit

Leviathan is easily described as a brat. Leviathan rarely speaks to anyone, and is constantly complaining about how people do not "see his genius". He believes Lucifer gets the major attention amongst The Researchers and the Head Researcher for his delving into _____________________________________ (SET). He is very brash and rude, speaking in high level English words to promote his condescending attitude towards others, although he has a high tendency to lose his cool manner of high end speak often. Leviathan believes all others except The Head Researcher to be below him, and will refuse to take orders from any of them, believing they are not worthy of his time. He mostly does this out of spite and jealousy, wishing to prove his worth, but does so at the cost of forethought and is completely willing to make unnecessary enemies, including amongst the other Researchers. Leviathan is also prone to anger fits when things do not work, often demanding completely unreasonable success from obvious failures of experiments, often blaming everyone but himself for them. He does not speak casually or voice his thoughts to anyone except The Head Researcher . He has a particuar hate of Lucifer, and a particular distrust of both Beelzebub and Satan, the former due to _____________________________________, and the latter due to his ________________________________ and his belief that Satan would cause damage to the Researchers __________________________.




Standard PowersEdit

Leviathan lacks any general inherent powers, being no different than that of an average human. Despite this, he does have an arsenal of specially created mutant weapons, mostly humans attempted to be merged together with various firearms or objects or humans heavily mutated by demonic infestation, most of which resulted in death of the target. Other than being very good with single handed firearms, for self defense, he has two other powers he uses and one ability he keeps in reserve.


Leviathan dabbles in necromantic revival on a basic level. He often uses this in conjunction with the dead of his experiments, allowing him to use them despite their failure to merge with their systems or death due to the merge. Leviathan is able to, at best, revive a corpse for 30 minutes of use. After the time is up, or when Leviathan cuts the spell, the corpse burns into black ash.


Leviathan also dabbles in demonic summoning. Although he lacks the ability to summon massive demons, he can summon basic ones to torment a person. He does know how to summon a Hellmouth and has successfully managed to learn how to create one in his facility, which he has merged with a Portastruct Wall.


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________mostly____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finally____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________performing said task.




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