Proxies are the servants of The Slender Man .


Proxies tend to dress in black hoodies with masks, to hide their identity while they carry out their master's bidding.


Proxies are the servants of The Slender Man. As their name implies, they are the in-between man for slenderman, its "proxy" to interect with the world. Why it needs proxies is unknown, but their existance implies that there is something that The Slender Man cannot do.

Most proxies have above avarge intelligance, and are probably an INTP /INTJ personality type. They tend to leave clues/ciphers to taunt those running from The Slender Man, tourmenting them for the fun of it/on their master's behalf. They also tend to be rather sadistic.

They can use The Path Of Black Leaves to travel.

Note For Those Wishing to RP as a ProxyEdit

Do NOT under any circumstances RP as any character from an existing Slender Series, unless it is your own. These characters are NOT open source, and are also only part of their series' canon. Also, Masky and Hoody aren't even proxies. Thank you.