A common symbol used by cults of the slender man

The Slender Man's mysterious and elusive nature tends to inspire fear in those few who know of the being. However, for some this fear is instead replaced by a deep fascination/obsession, compelling them to do insane things. This has led to cults being created that worship The Slender Man as a god, much similar to the cthulhu cults in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Standard Cult HeiarchyEdit

Head CultistEdit


A cult leader

Head Cultists are the highest ranking member of any given cult. He or she is usually in charge of deciding how the cult is run, who gets to join, and other such duties.

The Head Cultist is also usually the most obsessed member of the cult, and tends to beieve 100 percent that The Slender Man is a devine being who will do whatever said cult believes he will do.

Average Cult MemberEdit


An average cult member, wearing a suit and bag over his head.

A regular cult member is the most common cultist one will encounter. They make up the body of the cult, and carry out the will of the Head Cultist (which they believe is the will of The Slender Man). They can be extreamly dangerus as most relligious fanatics are capable of being, and will not hesitate to carry out their "master's" "will". Most will live with the cult, not being a part of regular society due to their "beliefs" (this is only on cults that do not live amongst regular society).

Secret CultistEdit


An ordinary business man.

Probably the least common of all the cultists are the secret cultists. These people may be average citizens who are secretly members of a Slender Man cult. 

This usually applies to cults that do live amongst normal society, instead of the cults that live in small forest communities, who do so in order to be "closer" to their "master"

Cult BeliefsEdit

Beliefs can vary from cult to cult, and range from The Slender Man being a devine being who punnishes the wicked (eg. simmilar to fanatic conservative christians/muslims/jews/etc.), to it being an apocalyptic god of death (eg. simmilar Lovecraftian cults), or anything in between.

Practices also differ from cult to cult, depending on their beliefes, but a lot of them tend to be violent.

Known CultsEdit

The Stalked