Lost about half a year's worth a research during the raid. I've managed to compile notes on what I lost based on memory, but what I lost is virtually irreplacable. I wiped the servers and drives, but there's a chance the Optic Nerve will be able to recover the data for theirselves. I should have shredded it, but I didn't have the time. Darn it.

Anyways, I should introduce myself. You can call me Cecil. Whether that is my true identity or not is up to you. Names and words exist to apply meaning to something, and if I mean "Cecil" to you, so be it. That being said, I do prefer Cecil, so if you would address me as such, I would greatly appreciate it.

Enough with the introductions, at least for now. Sorry. This is a record. Not a time for exchanging pleasantries.

Scarecrow was useful in delaying the O/N, but his methods were disagreeable. I counted the deaths of at least two agents. but I'm sure there were more. It hurt to watch. I have bloodstains on my shirt still, but those will wash off. The stains on my hands shan't.

Despite the acres of information I have on the O/N, it remains unknown to me as to why they would target me. I assumed at first that it was due to my knowledge of their organization. While that may be a viable factor, I now assume that Scarecrow's presence could have contributed to it. The O/N must know about them, or else they wouldn't have come in heavy military-grade armor. I figured the numerous choppers were a bit much as soon as I heard them. I thought he would have been useful, and while he was, it seems that he was a root of the problem.

That being said, the S. Walker sought me out that evening, if only for a brief moment. I must wonder if he was involved. Only God can help me if he was.

I will be doing my best to avoid unnecessary social interaction and contact for the time being. If I know you, do not seek me out. I will be willing to meet over online chats, but not personally.

Thank you.