I made a promise to myself a few years back that I wouldn't reveal more than I must. I was much more secretive back then. Only a handful of people knew about me, and even less knew my true identity. Alas, I have been drawn into the astonishing digital wonderland of the Internet, and while it is against my personal promise to record such things onto this vast frontier of information, something drives me forth into doing so.

I have met a most wonderful young lady, roughly my age, plus three to six months. We will refer to her as "Phoenix", despite that not being her true name or identity, but I am not at any obligation to reveal her name, seeing as that would endanger myself further. I will also not describe the circumstances in which we met, due to the fact that there was, in fact, an O/N agent present in the area at the time of meeting. I did not reveal much to Phoenix, although she did, indeed, manage to wrench a few personal details from my grasp. I pity myself for being unable to withstand her interrogative method. That will need some work. I need to remind myself that she is not trustworthy. I had revealed too much.

Sprite was cut loose, tonight. He betrayed us. My heart is heavy with regret. It had to be done. I can't afford them getting ahold of my data.

The S.Walker visited me twice in the past three days. The first visit, which took place at my current shelter at about 16:10 on Tuesday, lasted a little over fifteen minutes, with apparently little to no hostile intentions. The only symptoms I had suffered were a slight headache, and a short nosebleed lasting about fifty-five minutes.

The second visit, which took place after meeting with Phoenix for the second time at around 19:00 last night at my current shelter, lasted approximately two hours, with clearly hostile intentions. I suffered symptoms of a sensorially impairing headache, heavy nosebleeding, ringing ears, and vomiting for the duration of the visit, with near-sightedness and dizziness for thirteen hours afterwards. It is very possible that Phoenix is a Runner, or is related to the S.Walker to some extent. I will be confronting her about this tonight.



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