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  • Fobarimperius


    June 8, 2016 by Fobarimperius

    “Roughly two hours ago, strange lights and several explosions dotted this national park, however the source of these explosions and odd sightings are currently unknown. While federal and local authorities are looking into the situation and have not yet released many details, it appears a large vehicle of some sort was ripping apart portions of the national park like a bulldozer. Authorities are trying to find the vehicle, but the tracks seem to come to a halt roughly thirty feet from my position“.

    The video switched from the news reporter at the park back to the news anchor at the station. While they spoke about the situation, Lucifer sat in his chair, stroking his forehead slowly with four of his fingers, his thumb digging into his cheekbo…

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  • Fobarimperius


    June 6, 2016 by Fobarimperius

    The rain pounded against the trees and earth as if trying to slip them up as they ran. This was not the first time they had ever been in such a predicament, however given the nature of this escape compounded with the prize they had stolen, they simply hoped the fear of being found after firing an explosive round would be enough to scare their pursuer from firing. With that said, being run over was still a distinct possibility.

    The older man of the three in the group, carrying an unconscious woman on his back, quickly turned to the other two as he ran. “watch your footing carefully! There’s a lot of mud!”

    “Got it!” replied the teenage girl to his right, the young boy to his left remaining silent as they moved.

    It almost sounded like a loud puf…

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  • Fobarimperius

    RP News 9/6/2014

    September 7, 2014 by Fobarimperius

    CHANNEL 400 News

    A busy news day today as a series of random situations struck across the United States today.

    Firstly, the evening was touched by a series of odd blue lights across Yellow Stone park. The lights were symmetrical and advancing across Yellowstone. Although these lights died out quickly before law enforcement could arrive, an explosion was visited to the location of a large mechanical vehicle that is assumed, at this time, to be a tank. The United States government has said no terrorist organization is claiming responsibility, although some experts believe it was the government themselves testing new devices in the national park. Charges are supposedly being pending towards the federal government in the event of new information…

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