Scarecrow lay there on Luciano's couch, staring absently at the ceiling, attempting to count the dust particles as they flew by. Upon losing track,he grew bored, and his mind started to wander to the incident of a few days ago. He wondered exaclty what the Nerve agents were doing there. That Cecil character seemed to think that Scarecrow was, himself responsible for the Agents' being there, however Scarecrow had initially belived the raid had to do with whatever was on Cecil's computer. The media had ironically correctly connected the raid with the appartment fire, and semi-correctly with the events at Yellowstone and Disney, though the extent of which Optic Nerve was involved with those events Scarecrow did not know.

Decidng that he shouldn't dwell on it to much, he stood up and moved towards the wondows. Drawing open the blinds, he stared out into the cityscape, letting his mind wander. And wander it did. To thoughts of suits, masks, conspiracies, blood, slashed smiles, and unnaturally pointed teeth....

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