So yeah. Theres enough of the wiki made to start RP on it. Today I'll finnish up the Oath Breakers page, and the page for EAT and The Camper. 

If you ahve suggestions, talk to me and I'll see what I can do. Like Photo has this idea for the red cap that he wants to share with me, and chances are I'll prbably include it.

And if, say, Will want's to include angels and deamons somehow, Id be more than willing to add them. We'd have to work out how to make them mythos-related (as I zm trying to stick more closely with the actual fear myhtos with this one), simmilar to how Photo adapts certain things into his secrets RP (I actually love the artistic licence he's taken with it all. I mean, oh my god, he added wizard of Oz and Aladdin Shit!!!! He is amazing!!!!! he's an angel. He's a saint. He's elvis. he's god!*) .

So yeah, the wiki is definately open to additions. I'm defiantely open to people submitting their ideas to me, and the other admins (the positions are open. So far theres me, and Jared's a beuroucrat [not sure what the differance between beuroucrat and admin are honnestly]).

So eyah. I'm done talking.

(*Kudos if you know what I'm referancing here)

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