Report from a california news station

Today in Anaheim, California, local residents were shocked when blackhawk helicopters and what appeared to be federal agents surrounded an appertment at the far end of an allyway. A  bomb alledgedly went of during the raid, leading locals to belive that the appartment was housing terrorists. Rumors have it that the occupants were the ones responsible for the attacks on Yellowstone and Dinseyland three weeks ago.

As this was the same town in which another appartment was burned down last week, local authorities are suspecting it's former occupant of being involved with the terrorists.

"We cannot dismiss the idea" Says officer *******, a first responder to the fire. "It is absolutely possible that we could be dealing with a domestic terrorist group, or radical supporters of ISIS"

The thoguht of ISIS having infiltrated the United States is terrifying. This is ******, signing out.


In other news, another young boy was found dead, the M.O. Matching that of the serial killer known as "The Tall Man". This time the body was found in a forest in Colorado. The last victim was in Maine, only four weeks ago. This is the shortest time in which two of these murders have occurred, and the killer appears to be heading west.