Mysterious Appartment Fire in Anaheim California

Today a strange arson took place at The Villages appartment complex in Anaheim, Caifornia. Appartment number 513 was set ablaze, leaving it a smouldering wreck. Thankfully, the fire department arrived in time, and was able to put out the blaze before anyone was harmed.

The two main suspects of the case are the appartment's owner, a Mr.Robert Kane, who hasn't been heard from in day's, and a mysterious figure in all black who had been seen entering and exiting the appartment complex for the past few days.

Mr.Kane's car, which was missing from the complex's parking lot at the time of the fire, was strangely discovered empty at theYellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which has been closed to the public due to the recent attacks.

What Mr.Kent has to do with the fire and these attacks, if anything, is unknown. The police say that thye are looking into it, but refuse to comment at this time.